Honoring the Past: Our Former Titleholders

Grand Marshals                                             Titleholders

2019: Big Freedia, Mark Alain Dery, Mondo Guerra

2018: Mark Romig, Rikki Redd, Dustin Woehrmann

2017: Stephen Perry, Nicole Dubois, Jake Shears

2016: Sandy Sachs, Robert Camina, The Big Easy Sisters Debby Holiday

2015: Adikus Sulpizi, Persana Shoulders, Jon & Derek Penton -Robicheaux

2014: Tittie Toulouse, Electra City, Chris Salvatore

2013: Toby Lefort, Tucker Mendoza, T-Pot

2012: Matt Birkhoff, Tony Leggio, Jaymes Vaughn & James Davis

2011: Chris Leonard

2010: Cathy Fox, Steven Forster

2009: No Information Available

2008: Toby Lefort

2007: No Information Available

2006: No Information Available

2005: Necha Benoit

2004: Regina Adams

2003: Crystal Little, Loretta Mims, Michael Hickerson

2002: No Information Available

2001: Sandra Pailet, Christopher Daigle

2000: No Information Available

1999: No Information Available

1998: Toni Pizanie, Stewart Butler

1997: Louise Mcfarland, Robert Batson

2019: Giselle Trivianni, Blaine Bextor

2018: Connie Hung, Poseidon Davenport

2017: Princesse Stephaney, Troy Powell

2016: Vanessa Carr Kennedy, Eros Sea

2015: Gia Giavanni, SOlitaire, Johnny Fradella, Jack Inman

2014: Josalyn Royale, Mark Callahan

2013: Mercedez Ellis Loreal, Johnny Fradella

2012: Starr Alexander, Mark Callahan

2011: Monica Synclaire Kennedy, Josh Carcabasis

2010: Tami Tarmac, Travis Bergeron

2009: No Information Available

2008: Tahtiannah Kresh'a

2007: Passion Armani Cassadine, Keno Kayne

2006: Elizabeth Bouvier

2005: Tami Tarmac, Tyriq Davenport Kennedy

2004: No Information Available

2003: No Information Available

2002: Sasha Iman Starr

2001: Monica Storm

2000: Opal Masters

1999- 1996: No Information Available

1995: Raquel Chevalier

1980: Miss B

Thank you to the many community members who helped us compile this list.

If any information is incorrect, or you have missing information, please email us info@neworleanspridefestival.com

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